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Webinar – User research for a more accessible and inclusive testing experience

In this webinar Kat Owens, UX Researcher, and Andy Varley, Accessibility Team Lead, discuss the advancements being made by the Surpass User Research and Accessibility teams towards improving the assessment experience for everyone.

Kat introduces the research methods used to gather data from test takers who have been previously diagnosed with dyslexia, regarding a new font that has been specifically designed to ease the difficulties of reading on screens and is being used across a number of media outlets.

Andy contributes to the discussion by explaining why implementing such fonts could make a positive difference to inclusivity within examinations, before the pair talk about the report generated as a result of this research and what it means for the accessibility roadmap in Surpass going forward.

You can find out more about the ‘OpenDyslexic’ project here:

The report to accompany our User Research is now available to download here.

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