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Case Study - Delivering assessments in challenging times with Surpass

Delivering finance assessments in challenging times

When testing centers were closed, Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA) Canada had to change how they delivered their examinations. Watch our case study video to find how they did this with the help of a lot of hotel rooms, and also their experience using task-based simulations.

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CPA Canada were finalists for the Surpass Innovation Award in 2022.

Watch their nomination video.

Get an overview of Surpass in 120 seconds.

Surpass is a market-leading, professional, end-to-end assessment platform used for the authoring, banking, administration, delivery, scoring, and reporting of computer and paper-based tests. With Surpass powering your assessments, you’ll be able to create exams with spreadsheet-based questions, and authentic financial scenarios for delivery anywhere in the world.

You’re in control of your Item Bank

With our advanced item banking capabilities, you can securely create and manage your finance assessment program with ease.

Surpass Item Authoring screenshot showing numerical entry, spreadsheet and task based simulation question types.

Use secure and stand-alone Word and Spreadsheet editors in Surpass.

In addition to standard question types, the File Attach item allows candidates to work in secure and stand-alone Word and Spreadsheet editors. These external applications provide additional exam security, locking down candidates’ devices and restricting access to other apps during the exam.

Discover the power of Task Based Simulations.

The Task Based Simulation (TBS) item type in Surpass lets you create complex questions that reflect real world and work-based scenarios, particularly for accountancy and finance exams. Some benefits of this item type include:

  • Auto-scoring for consistency across exams.
  • Metadata and binary data points for greater analysis.
  • Reduced costs and increased efficiency in exam creation and delivery.

Choose a delivery method that suits you

Case Study - Remote Proctoring: The Future of Online Testing

Test your learners wherever they are, in person or remotely.

For ultimate flexibility over the delivery of your finance assessment program, give learners the option to take their test in a center, or using our secure online proctoring solution from the home or workplace.

See how early adopters of remote invigilation, the Association of Corporate Treasurers (ACT), use Remote Proctoring with Surpass in our Finance case study.

Deliver tests securely with the Surpass Test Driver.

The secure and resilient Surpass Test Driver can be installed on any device, allowing your learners to take their test anywhere in the world, even in areas with poor internet connectivity.

Surpass Test Delivery screenshot on monitor, laptop and tablet
Surpass Integration screenshot

Choose your delivery partner.

Got a preferred third-party test driver? No problem. Surpass tests are delivery agnostic, so you can build the right test, first time with our innovative technology, and export for delivery via a vendor of your choice.

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[Surpass] are flexible and sensitive to end user needs; they have developed a unique assessment tool in the Advanced Question Type, combining the functionality of word-processing and computational aspects of spread sheeting. They work hard to meet the customer's suggested improvements and changes and can be relied upon to work with both customer and end-user feedback to improve the product.

ICAEW (Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales)

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20 September 2023

Surpass Assessment and Meazure Learning announce a strategic partnership to deliver best-in-class assessment solutions and services

Surpass Assessment and Meazure Learning announce a strategic partnership to deliver best-in-class assessment solutions and services
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17 August 2023

Surpass Assessment wins Bronze at the 2023 International Business Awards®

Surpass Assessment has won a Bronze Stevie® Award in the 20th Annual International Business Awards.
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11 July 2023

Surpass Showcase

The Surpass Assessment team held a webinar on July 11, showcasing Surpass key features and explaining how Surpass can power your assessment program to success.

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