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As a trusted assessment provider, we are delighted to offer a range of global test delivery services, from professional centers to secure online proctoring. In close partnership with our professional center network and online proctoring providers, we have created the perfect solution for our certification and licensure customers who demand high volume, as well as high security for ANSI and NCCA accredited testing programs. 

Find out why organizations across a range of industries choose Surpass for their assessment program.

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Grow your business with our global Test Center Network

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Test at home with our live or automated secure online proctoring service

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Have confidence that data is secure with privacy by design testing

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Protect your items with our secure browser test driver

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Choose from our multi-channel / multi-modal test delivery options.

You don’t have to limit your approach to test delivery. With your questions authored and stored in your Item Bank, you can deliver them in one or multiple ways. Choose from:

  • In-person / physical test center testing.
  • At-home testing.
  • At work testing.
  • Pop-up center testing.

With ongoing market uncertainty following the pandemic, give your candidates a choice whist keeping your commitments to integrity, validity, reliability, and security. 

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Secure Live or AI Automated Online Proctoring

What is online proctoring?

Online proctoring, or remote proctoring is the observation of a candidate through audio and visual links over the internet whilst conducting their examination, meaning candidates can securely sit their exam in a convenient location such as the home or workplace, without the risk of malpractice or compromising item security.

Why choose online proctoring over test center delivery?

  • The geographical spread of candidates makes it difficult to source test centers.
  • It’s more convenient for candidates in a professional setting to be able to sit their exam at home or in the workplace, at a time convenient to their busy schedule.
  • You can scale-up your testing program without compromising on security.

Features of our online proctoring service:

Industry leading 2:1 candidate to proctor ratio for live testing for an unrivaled level of service to your candidates. 
Live Remote Proctoring (LRP) and automated delivery options giving you choice according to your delivery priorities.
Optional dual–camera monitoring technology to experience a unique multi–angle view.
Secure browser that fully locks down the candidate’s computer during the assessment, giving you complete confidence that your tests are highly secure. 
Candidate booking portal, allowing test takers to schedule at their convenience.
Sophisticated AI and machine learning technologies capture aberrant behavior automatically.
A trusted, scalable online proctoring service for delivering upwards of 10,000 tests a day.
Third-party test driver support so you can experience our service with your existing delivery technology.
24/7 email, chat and phone support so you can provide your candidates the reassurance and support they deserve.

Thinking of using online proctoring but not sure where to start?

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Deliver in our Test Center Network

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Deliver with confidence in our secure, global Test Center Network.

The Surpass Test Center Network is made up of over 250 audited, Surpass-ready centers worldwide, with the ability to source more locations should you need them. As the Surpass Test Driver can conveniently be installed on any computer, we utilize both independent and vendor-grouped centers to provide you with the highest-quality venues, with flexible capacity to suit you and your learners.

Certification and Licensure bodies are increasingly turning to the Surpass Test Center Network for the peace of mind that their learners can sit important examinations in a fully-equipped, comfortable, secure and stress-free environment.

Our booking system also allows candidates to book their own exams in the Surpass Platform. Find out how to add the booking system into your assessments program.

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Be confident that venues are top-quality and meet our high-standards

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Book venues by the day or the hour depending on your requirements

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Centers are fully supported for technical and exam-related enquiries

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Accommodate full cohorts in one sitting with flexible center capacity, so there’s no risk to exam content

Interested in using the Surpass Test Center Network?

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Deliver in a Third-Party Network

Already have a Test Center Network? Surpass is still an option.

If you’ve already got a test center network, you can still take advantage of the innovative item and test development functionality in the Surpass Platform, but deliver through a third-party. Surpass supports QTI export of your item bank so you can deliver with the supplier of your choice.

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