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Tim Burnett elected as Chair of the e-Assessment Association Board

Surpass Head of Marketing, Tim Burnett, has been elected as Chair of the eAA Board. Tim, formerly Vice Chair, takes over from Matt Wingfield who held the role for 10 years. 

Through Tim’s role with Surpass, and being on the e-Assessment Association Board, Tim has developed a strong insight into the considerations and opportunities facing the future of education and its ongoing relationship with technology. 

This announcement comes after recent changes to the way the eAA is structured in order to provide a solid foundation on which to continue to develop and grow the services the eAA provides to its members, sponsors and the assessment community.  

As well as changes to the Chair and Vice Chair roles, the eAA also announced the creation of a new Executive Team, with the objective of working to the direction of the main eAA Board to deliver the day to day activities of the association. 

The eAA Board believe these changes are vital to the continued successful growth of the association, and the ability to respond to the rapidly changing assessment sector. 

On being elected as Chair of the eAA Board, Tim Burnett said:  

We have always been a long supporters of the eAA. Back in the early days of the eAA, Andy McAnulla was a member of the board, and Bob Gomersall received their highest award recognizing lifetime achievement. I’m not alone now as Emma Hall is making an excellent contribution as a board member alongside me. I see this appointment as an opportunity to strengthen to bond with the eAA and to work alongside the e-assessment community, helping improve the assessment experience for everyone, together.

You can read more about the changes to the eAA in this recent announcement

About the e-Assessment Association 

The e-Assessment Association is a not-for-profit membership organization based in the UK for consumers of, producers of and those with an interest in e-Assessment. The e-Assessment Association has three major goals.  To provide professional support and facilitate debate and discussion for people involved in this field of expertise; create and communicate the positive contributions that technology makes to all forms of assessment; and to develop statements of good practice for suppliers and consumers of e-Assessment technologies. 

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