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[Surpass Conference Podcast] Community Stories: Sean McDonald, telc Language Tests

From Pencil to Surpass

In this podcast, first recorded for the Surpass conference in October 2020, Sean McDonald from telc Language Tests, tells us about moving qualifications from paper and pencil to online testing with Surpass.

Sean discusses the organization’s approach to introducing digital testing to complement their paper test offering and increase candidate reach.

We get an insight into the process of digitizing test content, and getting key stakeholders on board with change. Sean gives an honest overview of some of the challenges and reluctance to change from paper to digital testing, including problems with infrastructure in learning institutions.

Sean then reflects on the forced change that came about as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, as learning moved online and demand for digital testing increased, bringing with it greater understanding and trust for online assessments. We hear how telc put processes in place to ensure testing could continue, including how the organization had to re-think the way they conduct oral examinations.

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