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Michigan Language Assessment goes digital with Surpass

Michigan Language Assessment has selected Surpass to move from paper-based testing to digital English language testing, with the first tests due to go live in April 2021.

Exton, PA, USA, 8th April 2021 – BTL Surpass Inc. is delighted to announce that Michigan Language Assessment has selected Surpass to transition its English language assessments to on-screen delivery, with a view to also introducing new digital exams in the future.

For more than seventy years, universities, education departments, businesses, and government agencies around the world have relied on Michigan Language Assessment’s paper-based tests to verify the proficiency of English language learners of all ages and levels. Now with the addition of the multi-modal capabilities of Surpass, it will also provide proctored online exams that can be delivered securely in test centers as well as at home. 

“We’re delighted to be working with the Michigan Language Assessment team to help transition their well-respected English language tests to digital delivery,”

said Andy McAnulla, president of BTL Surpass.

“Our experience of delivering large-scale English language tests, combined with Michigan Language Assessment’s renowned commitment and expertise for producing valid, reliable, fair, and accessible tests creates the perfect opportunity to work together.”

A digital version of Michigan Language Assessment’s popular MET Go! will be available in April of this year. Originally introduced as a paper exam in 2018, MET Go! is suitable for upper primary and secondary school students, and has become a valuable assessment for many institutions. The digital version of MET Go! not only offers the same great content and detailed personalized score reports as the paper-based version, but also provides additional flexibility and convenience to schools and test takers.

“We are excited to be working with the team from BTL Surpass, who are helping us to move our paper-based exams to on-screen delivery,”

said Sharon Harvey, CEO of Michigan Language Assessment.

“We are committed to offering maximum flexibility to our customers, and, for the first time, test takers will be able to take Michigan exams from the comfort and safety of their homes. We are grateful to BTL Surpass for helping us to support our customers during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.”

Michigan Language Assessment is jointly owned by the University of Michigan, one of the top public research universities in North America, and Cambridge Assessment English, part of the University of Cambridge in the UK.

About Michigan Language Assessment

Michigan Language Assessment helps people achieve their education and career goals by providing trusted English language exams that draw on the expertise of two of the world’s leading universities.

As the organization has changed and grown through the years, Michigan Language Assessment has continued to invest in research that ensures tests are valid, reliable, fair, and accessible. Michigan Language Assessment is committed to delivering outstanding and reliable English language assessments based on 65+ years of assessment expertise and reflecting the values of two leading, world-renowned universities.

Today, universities, education departments, businesses, and government agencies around the world rely on Michigan tests to assess and verify the proficiency of English language learners of all ages and levels. The comprehensive range of tests enables students worldwide to expand their personal opportunities, gain internationally recognized certification, and improve their educational or professional prospects.

About BTL Surpass Inc.

BTL Surpass Inc., is a global provider of assessment services and technology. The assessment platform, Surpass, is a turnkey solution powering the development and delivery of tests for certification and licensure organizations, K-12 institutions, HE, state government agencies and national testing programs across the world. Securely delivering over 30 million tests in test centers or through secure online proctoring, the Surpass item bank and test driver is one of the most trusted and advanced technologies available in the market.

Watch an introduction to MET Go! Digital from Michigan Language Assessment here:

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