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Council for Interior Design Qualification (CIDQ) joins the Surpass Community

New community member: Council for Interior Design Qualification

The organization will utilize Surpass for the NCIDQ certification – the gold standard for interior design professionals

Exton, PA, USA, 11th March 2021 – BTL Surpass Inc. is delighted to welcome the Council for Interior Design Qualification (CIDQ) to the Surpass Community.

CIDQ is the premier certifying organization for interior design professionals, developing and administering the three-part NCIDQ Examination which tests knowledge and core competencies required for practice in the interior design industry and as such to protect the health, safety and welfare of the public.

CIDQ operate thorough exam development and administration processes to ensure the NCIDQ Examination is valid, fair and reliable. The organization will utilize Surpass Item Authoring and Banking Technology for the development of the two multiple choice sections of the three-part examination.  As well as leveraging Surpass for its item authoring and banking capabilities, Surpass will enable CIDQ to export test content to a widely used third-party test driver. The export functionality is a demonstration of the versatility and flexibility that Surpass offers within the certification and licensure sector.

Andy McAnulla, President at BTL Surpass Inc. commented:

We are delighted to welcome CIDQ to the Surpass Community. CIDQ is the premier certifying organization in their field, and clearly take exam integrity very seriously and have robust processes in place to ensure exams are up to date, reliable and valid. It’s fantastic that the Surpass Item Banking technology has been chosen to best meet the needs of the NCIDQ Certification and support the item development process of this gold standard certification. 

Thom Banks, CEO at CIDQ commented:

CIDQ is pleased to have selected Surpass as our Item Banking and Authoring technology solution. When we considered making a change to our Item Banking system for our multiple-choice exams, we wanted a system that would provide us with more access to our items; was easy for our Item writers to use; and had the technological infrastructure to support alternative item types. All of these considerations made Surpass the clear choice.    

About CIDQ

The Council for Interior Design Qualification (CIDQ) is the premiere certifying organization for interior design professionals. CIDQ develops and administers the three-part NCIDQ Examination, which tests interior designers’ knowledge of core competencies required for professional practice in the industry. The exam is based on CIDQ’s independent, comprehensive analysis of the profession and the daily practice of interior design in a range of settings. CIDQ continually updates the exam’s contents to ensure they reflect the most current skills required to design secure, functional and innovative interior spaces.

CIDQ is comprised of regulatory boards from across the United States and Canada. As such, the organization takes seriously its responsibility to protect the public’s health, safety and welfare. NCIDQ Certification meets legal and regulatory standards for the interior design profession as established by more than half of the states across the U.S. and the provinces in Canada.

Since 1974, CIDQ’s mission has been to create, test and promote guidelines for determining competency in the practice of interior design. NCIDQ Certification has been the global standard for interior design professionals for more than 45 years.

To date, more than 33,000 people around the world have earned NCIDQ Certification, the gold standard for interior design professionals.


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About BTL Surpass Inc.

BTL Surpass Inc., is a global provider of assessment services and technology. The assessment platform, Surpass, is a turnkey solution powering the development and delivery of tests for certification and licensure organizations, K-12 institutions, HE, state government agencies and national testing programs across the world. Securely delivering over 30 million tests in test centers or through secure online proctoring, the Surpass item bank and test driver is one of the most trusted and advanced technologies available in the market.


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Tim Burnett chats to Cornelia Springer, Exam Director at CIDQ in this short interview:

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