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Surpass: The Assessment Platform wins top prize for assessment innovation

ATP 2017 Innovations in Testing - Award Winner Surpass

Note: Surpass Assessment is now the company name for BTL and BTL Surpass.

The new Surpass High Fidelity Image Viewer collected a top prize at the Association of Test Publishers Innovations in Testing Conference today (Tuesday 7th March) in Scottsdale, AZ.

Andy McAnulla, Group Chief Technology Officer at BTL and Chief Executive Officer of BTL Surpass Inc. was successful in being awarded the Judges’ Award for Innovation having faced tough competition during the first Innovations Lab. Andy delivered a fantastic and inspirational presentation, and provided some excellent answers to searching questions by the veteran judging panel.

The Surpass High Fidelity Image Viewer has been designed to deliver super high resolution image sets during medical examinations. The viewer is easy to use by both candidates and authors, presenting multiple images in a realistic fashion during professional examinations.

See the presentation in this video:

Use of the viewer means that candidates receive a comparable examination, regardless of the size and resolution of their device or the internet stability . This combined with Surpass’s highly respected and robust secure test delivery means that peace of mind is assured for all involved.

The Surpass High Fidelity Image Viewer is just another example of BTL’s commitment to innovation in assessment technology and will benefit all of the Surpass Community. During the International ATP Conference – which is widely considered to be the best annual event for test sponsors, certification, licensure and awarding bodies – many delegates expressed their excitement about the new feature, a view reinforced by the judging panel.

For more information about the High Fidelity Image Viewer and its practical application in medical, engineering, science and military assessment, contact us at

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