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The Surpass Online Proctoring Service (also known as remote proctoring solutions), allows your students to sit their exams in a secure, proctored environment from their home or workplace (being monitored via webcam, screen sharing technology and other optional security features).

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Features of the Surpass Online Proctoring Service

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Dual-camera monitoring for added security

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Deliver exams directly to students in their own home, on their own device

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Live chat available to provide technical assistance to candidates

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Control scheduling and delivery of exams from your own preferred location

  • Dual-camera monitoring which utilizes smartphone technology to view the candidate from multiple angles, as well as recording what’s happening on-screen.
  • Surpass Online Proctoring is also available for use with 3rd Party Test Drivers
  • Easy to navigate candidate identification checks and thorough security checks using a smartphone camera before starting the exam.
  • Options for ‘live’ or ‘record and review’ proctoring, with the ability to re-play footage at high-speed to better detect malpractice for all remotely proctored tests.
  • Streamlined communications to candidates.
  • In-exam technical support allowing candidates to instantly solve technology-related problems.

Thinking of using Online Proctoring but not sure where to start?

What is online proctoring?

Remote proctoring (sometimes referred to as ‘remote proctoring’, ‘eproctoring’ or ‘remote invigilation’) is the observation of a candidate through audio and visual links over the internet whilst conducting their examination, meaning candidates can securely sit their exam in a convenient location such as the home or workplace, without the risk of malpractice or compromising item security. Online proctoring can be live, or using a ‘record and review’ solution.

Who provides the proctors?

Surpass can manage all record and review proctoring. We do also provide the option of allowing universities to proctor their own students (by providing access to our remote proctoring software) but we do not recommend this approach for the upcoming end-of-year exams due to the additional implementation and training required.

What happens if your proctors suspect malpractice?

We can customise proctoring guidelines to the requirements of your organization. Some organizations prefer our proctors to just note the time and nature of the suspected incident so it can be reviewed by themselves afterwards. Others prefer our proctors to provide candidates with warnings, and in the event of repeated incidents of suspected malpractice to either void the exam or notify the organization for their recommendation on how to proceed.

Are we (universities) able to review the candidate footage afterwards?

Yes, Surpass will provide access to all videos via a secure link along with a RAG status report and any time stamps of suspected incidents for review. Once final decisions have been made, all content is removed as per European GDPR guidelines – one of the strictest data protection policies.

Our exams are on paper, can you help us transfer our exams on-screen?

Yes, we can provide a secure location for universities to transfer the exam papers to Surpass. We will then assist with converting the documents into on-screen exams.

Is remote proctoring reliable?

Yes, some people would say that options such as ‘record and review’ actually make online proctoring more secure than traditional proctoring. Candidates have access to in-exam technical support and the recording of multiple camera angles allows the testing organization, university or school to monitor as much, or as little as they’d like of each candidate.
We recommend watching the video below with Janet Legge from the ACT, who talks about why they, as an awarding organization, chose to use online proctoring to deliver high-stakes exams.

How quickly can we set up online proctoring?

This depends on a few things, such as how many tests you intend to deliver, and whether you will need time to transfer your exams from a paper to on-screen format. We do not however anticipate any issues in supporting universities throughout the May/June exams this year.
Use the form below to request your Surpass Online Proctoring Service information form. Once received, fill in the details in your own time, and send it back to our team via email. We’ll then get in touch to discuss your requirements further.

What is ‘record and review’?

Record and review allows you and your team of proctors (or those supplied by Surpass as part of your service) to watch recordings of exams taken through the Surpass Online Proctoring Service at a range of speeds, and mark suspicious activity for a detailed review by senior examiners. We recommend playing back exams at around 6X speed, as this has actually shown to be most effective for spotting repetitive behavior that highlights potential security infringements.

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