Introducing Scheduler

Streamline your candidate booking management

Save time and improve your candidates’ exam booking experience with a new system optimized for Surpass test centers and remote proctoring services.

Man on computer scheduling tests online

How does it work?

Candidates can now book their own exams, with the new booking system, Scheduler.

With an easy and intuitive process, Scheduler lets candidates book tests within Surpass based on exam times, test center location or online proctoring capacity.

In-system how-to guides provide clear instruction and peace of mind for your team and your candidates.

Benefits for your organization

  • Allows for improved capacity management for test administrators
  • Improves efficiency by removing manual processes
  • Provides instant reports on booking progress and details
  • Unique branding for your organization

Benefits for your candidates

  • Reduces exam pressure, with an intuitive interface giving a clear view of all available slots
  • Multiple exams can be managed from one single dashboard

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