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The Exams Office partners with BTL to create assessments in Surpass platform

Note: Surpass Assessment is now the company name for BTL and BTL Surpass.

The Exams Office (TEO), the largest exams officer support organisation in the UK, has contracted with BTL to use the Surpass platform to create their exams.

With over 4,500 member centres in the UK (primarily schools), TEO will use the sophisticated content creation options in Surpass Item Authoring to create their test items.

Benefitting from the flexibility of Surpass, TEO aim to use an API to integrate their instance of Surpass with their portal (the ’TEO Hub‘), which will provide access to support materials and functionality to help support exams office staff.  

“The Exams Office is delighted to announce its partnership with BTL to enhance the support which it offers to its member schools, colleges, and other exam centres in managing, administering and conducting examinations and assessments. The integration of Surpass with The Exams Office’s member portal via its API and this flexibility to work with our systems is a key reason why we have decided to invest in, and commit to, this partnership. We look forward to using the intuitive interface Surpass provides to create online training and assessments to support exams staff within our member centres and to ensure compliance with examination regulations.”

Jugjit Chima, Head of Strategic Relationships and Stakeholder Engagement, The Exams Office

We’re pleased to welcome TEO to the Surpass Community and look forward to working with them on creating their exams using the innovative item types available within the Surpass platform.

Sonya Whitworth, Managing Director, BTL

About The Exams Office

The Exams Office is the largest exams officer support organisation in the UK. With over 4,500 member centres, it provides comprehensive support for exams staff.

TEO works in collaboration with major awarding organisations (including AQA, NCFE, OCR, Pearson, WJEC and Cambridge Assessment International Education) the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) and Ofqual.

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