What’s new for Online Proctoring in the Surpass Community in 2021?

By 15 February 2021February 22nd, 2021Online Proctoring
What's new for Online Proctoring in 2021

In a recent Surpass Community webinar, team members from Examity and the Surpass team at BTL explored the latest addition to the Surpass Online Proctoring Service. With one of the biggest live audiences for a Surpass Community webinar, the group discussed topics including:

  • The benefits of low candidates to proctors ratios for Live Remote Proctoring
  • 24/7 support models for candidates
  • Delivering online proctored tests internationally
  • The importance of allowing candidates to schedule their examination at their convenience

Hear Steve introduce the Examity service

Listen to Brian talk about future multi-modal test delivery models for assessment delivery with online proctoring

Watch the webinar in full

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