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[Surpass Community] – Community Update: 9th April 2021

By 12 April 2021April 1st, 2022Archive

Headlines: Welcoming Michigan Language Assessment, Task-Based Simulations Feature Insights, and Performance Testing Council

Join Tim Burnett for a Surpass Community update to catch up on all the latest news from the fastest growing community in testing.

In this week’s episode, Tim shares news of the latest organization to join the community, Michigan Language Assessment. We hear from a new Surpass team member, Kris Daka, about his recent attendance at the Spring Performance Testing Summit, there’s an update about the upcoming Item banking workshop on 4th May (, and we have a feature insight in the form of Task-Based Simulations.

Also, we share news of a call for views on the proposition of certification by the Certification Network Group, and share news from Surpass Community members EAL Awards, and Robert Gordon University. 

This update was first broadcast on 9th April 2021.

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