[Surpass Pre-Release Webinar] November 2020

In this Surpass Pre-Release webinar, Jack Hobson and Nathan Driver walk us through some of the fantastic new features due to launch soon in Surpass.

The webinar starts with a look at the award-winning (Overall Winner at the ISTC UK Technical Communication Awards 2020) Surpass Help Site – a collaborative project between the training, documentation and user experience teams that will sit at the heart of Surpass. Whenever a user needs assistance or seeks advice, simply clicking the ? icon within the software will open the help portal, and intelligent search functionality will allow them to quickly and easily find guidance, link to a glossary and provide access to extensive resources to assist with their working day.

Arguably the most exciting feature of this new help site is that it has been built from the ground up on a technology that allows the team to update it on the fly, rather than being exclusively linked with the product release schedule.

Next, Jack offers an introduction to the new standard setting features that have been built directly into the Surpass assessment platform, followed by a brief demonstration of the tool being used within the task management capabilities of Surpass.

If you are interested in finding out more about the specific details of the standard setting capabilities built into Surpass, be sure to watch our previous webinar here: surpass.com/webinars (Dated 24th September 2020), where product owner Phoebe McLaughlin, and Lead Psychometrician & CEO at Dainis & Co. Amanda Dainis offer a more detailed discussion about the possibilities such a feature offers to awarding and certification bodies working remotely.

Finally, Nathan demonstrated the latest additions to Item Authoring including options to set images as answer options across multiple question types, enhancements to item set media, enhancements to bulk item updates and the ability to import item lists.

Of course, as with all Surpass Community Webinars, questions from the audience were answered live during the demonstration, and we are happy to answer additional questions from anybody watching the recording – just get in touch using the contact form.