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[Surpass Conference Podcast] Community Stories: Dave Mellor, AlphaPlus

By 2 December 2020March 22nd, 2024Archive

The Global Impact of COVID on School Assessment Models

This podcast episode is a recording of the presentation given at the Surpass Conference in October 2020 by Dave Mellor, Deputy Director of Assessment at AlphaPlus.

Dave Mellor has a wealth of experience in delivering high-stakes school examinations. During this presentation, Dave draws upon his expertise to address the following questions:

• Globally, which school assessment models have been impacted the most during the pandemic?
• Would it have been possible to have just made the switch to remote forms of high-stakes delivery in England?

Dave Mellor is the Deputy Director of Assessment at AlphaPlus where he leads on elements of professional, vocational and academic school and college assessments, and contributes to a number of research and evaluation projects.

Prior to joining AlphaPlus, Dave was Director of Assessment and Curriculum at AQA.  He has worked in education since leaving university, first as a teacher and then for a charity, and between 2000 and 2020 for AQA, who are the largest provider of general qualifications in the UK.

His main interest is in understanding the different assessment requirements needed for different subjects and types of qualification in order to develop valid assessments that support good teaching and learning and that can be reliably delivered, whether that be on paper or using technology or another medium.

If you’d prefer to watch this presentation, along with others from the event, you can do so on the conference website.

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