[Surpass Community Podcast] – Getting to Grips with Digital Credentialing


Danny King (Co Founder and CEO – Accredible)

Simon Trevers (Chief Strategy Officer – Surpass, Powering Assessment)

Going digital has become the norm for many parts of our lives recently. Since March we have been talking about remote item authoring and remote test delivery, but what happens after you have passed the assessment? Job interviews are increasingly being conducted remotely, so how do you share and verify credentials?

In this podcast, Tim Burnett talks to Danny King and Simon Trevers about how digital credentialing is growing in the USA and Europe.

Danny provides an explanation of the technology and its take-up so far, and explains how learners and employers store, share and verify digital credentials. The guests also be look at blockchain technologies, and how this can increase the security of the credentialing process, without getting technical.

Finally, Simon provides an update to the community on the integration between Surpass and other platforms in the assessment ecosystem.

*This Podcast is an audio extract from the Surpass Community Webinar, originally recorded 27th August 2020

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