Surpass connects with Lineup for data-rich SME Management

By 18 November 2019February 4th, 2020Assessment Industry News, Company News
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The Surpass and Lineup teams present the benefits of a technical partnership at the Institute for Credentialing Excellence Conference in San Diego.

San Diego, California, November 15 November 2019, Institute for Credentialing Excellence – BTL Surpass Inc. the USA based provider of the premier assessment platform, Surpass, will welcome Lineup into the Surpass Community with a technical partnership for advanced Subject Matter Expert Management. 

Surpass powers the assessment activities of one of the largest communities of test providers in the world. Over the past two years, over 100 software engineers have worked passionately on the development of a revolutionary new authoring and review Task Management capability within Surpass. Developed in collaboration with assessment specialists within the Surpass Community, including the NBME, CFA, and our partners at Prometric, Surpass Task Management has significantly enhanced the authoring process for experts working within a professional testing environment.

“Surpass is the best platform for the creation of high-stakes tests, and builds up a wealth of data associated with the performance of the items produced, but until now, the potential of this data to help shape the SME recruitment process has gone largely untapped. By exploring the benefits of a feedback loop between Surpass and Lineup, we are finally able to match SME management, with the performance of items in tests. This flow of data will dramatically improve the insight available into each author, helping test publishers to create stronger and more balanced teams of SMEs based on the quality of their items.”

Andy McAnulla, President for BTL Surpass

“Our passion is to provide the insights needed to maximize the use of SMEs available. Although we provide embedded evaluation tools for SMEs within Lineup, they are mostly subjective metrics. Bringing hard metrics around item authoring skills into Lineup offers a unique opportunity to help test providers create more effective workshop teams, and by extension, create better items, and better exams.”

Guillermo Ortiz de Zarate, President for Lineup

Listen to “Tips for working with SMEs in Certification and Licensure Authoring and the technology that can help” featuring Achille from Lineup:

About Surpass: Powering Assessment 

Surpass is a premier testing platform for Item Authoring, Test Assembly, Test Delivery, Scoring and Psychometrics. Surpass can be used end-to-end or as a standalone integrated Item Banking solution publishing tests to third-party test drivers. Organizations join the unique #SurpassCommunity to share expertise and benefit from collaboration and knowledge sharing.

About Lineup 

Lineup is a new, online workspace for curating, managing and evaluating diverse teams. It’s a simple, easy-to-use tool that captures and sorts information about a talent pool. It enables testing programs to build stronger, more productive collaborations by evaluating strengths, weaknesses, and general characteristics and effectively select the right mix of talent needed to maximize engagement and productivity. 


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