Interviews from the 2019 EATP Conference in Madrid

By 9 December 2019January 27th, 2020Podcast

At the 2019 EATP Conference in Madrid, Ben Brady from BTL’s Marketing team, and member of the EATP conference steering committee, found a few moments between sessions to speak to some of the presenters and event organisers to get their thoughts on this popular conference.

In this Podcast Sam Thompson (also from BTL’s marketing team), chats to Ben about the conversations he had and we play back the interviews, sharing valuable insight on the conference and opinions from the testing industry, including:

  • Andre De Champlain from the Medical Council of Canada who talks about his presentation on the past, present and future of technology, particularly for medical qualifications.
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  • Belinda Brunner, Director of Testing at Intelios and EATP Steering Committee Chair, on the growth and diversity of the conference.
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  • Li-Ann Kuan, an Educational Psychologist who talks through preparations for her Ignite session, and the art of conveying a lot of information in a short time with the support of EATP.
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