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The Surpass Platform: your end-to-end assessment solution

Feel secure, confident and in control

The Surpass Platform is a professional and market-leading end-to-end assessment platform.

Trusted by the world’s most respected awarding organisations, test publishers, institutions, and national government bodies, Surpass allows you to efficiently create and validate tests ready for secure delivery across multiple platforms.

Surpass is used for the authoring of items, item banking, test administration, test delivery, and reporting of computer and paper-based tests. It is the first choice for organisations that need a dependable solution for high-stakes formative and summative testing, with the support of a dedicated and experienced customer service team. You can also combine the Surpass platform with our range of Test Development and Test Delivery services.

Find out why organisations across a range of industries choose Surpass for their assessment programme.

New to the assessment industry, or trying to make sense of new terms and technologies? Read our list of Frequently Asked Questions.

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End-to-End Software

Item Banking & Authoring

From versatile item types to time-saving SME management tools, Surpass has everything you need.

Test Creation

Efficiently build and validate simple or complex tests ready for delivery across multiple channels.

Secure Multi-Device & Paper Test Delivery

Author just once for online or offline delivery on desktop, laptop, tablet, BYOD or paper.

Adaptive & Personalised Testing

Create psychometrically valid adaptive tests with Surpass to really measure what your learners are capable of.

Scoring & Marking

Mark automatically or scan and distribute securely for on-screen marking of open responses.

Feedback & Results

Provide candidates with immediate feedback, or utilise our comprehensive assessment reports.


Readily available comprehensive item and test level data helps maintain the validity of your assessment programme.

Integration & QTI

The extensive range of API resources in Surpass improve data synchronisation and reduce the risk of human error.

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Recent Feature Updates

Graphic showing the Surpass Pre-Release Webinar 24.1 is on March 2024Pre-Release Webinar
13 March 2024

Surpass pre-release webinar for 24.1

The Surpass team explain the new features and updates in the 24.1 release.
Graphic showing details of the 12.34 event showcasing Surpass new features, which is on 28 November 2023.Pre-Release Webinar
28 November 2023

Surpass pre-release webinar for 12.34

The Surpass team explain the new features and updates in the 12.34 release.
Graphic showing the 12.33 webinar is on 13 June.Pre-Release Webinar
13 June 2023

Surpass pre-release webinar for 12.33

The Surpass team explain the new features and updates in the 12.33 release.
Item Authoring icon

Item Banking & Authoring

Item authoring has never been easier. Surpass streamlines processes, regardless of the size and location of your Subject Matter Expert (SME) team. Surpass provides an impressive range of item types, which are all intuitive to set up with the ability to configure test presentations to your brand specifications. Stay in control of your item bank and items, regardless of who writes items or assembles your test forms.

Surpass Item Authoring screenshot

Streamlined Item Authoring

Keep your SMEs organised and productive with item authoring, standard setting and review tasks in Surpass. Minimal training and increased security means happy Subject Matter Experts.

Configurable workflow

Surpass can be tailored to support your team’s workflow with assignable roles and permissions for item access and editing, giving you complete control of the whole authoring process.

Easy item import and export

Surpass supports multiple approaches to adding and sharing items, including industry standard CSV, QTI, and API methods.

Media-rich content

Our diagram creation tool and award-winning High-Fidelity Image Viewer allow you to make the most of digital testing with rich audiovisual media. Create comprehensive exam content with images, videos, audio, source files, simulations, and case studies for an enhanced digital testing experience.

Assistive AI content generation

With the power of assistive AIyou can generate high-quality distractors and the rationale for each one at the click of a button using Surpass Copilot.  

Ready-to-use advanced item types

A wide range of standard and advanced items are available to use within Surpass, from Multiple Choice questions to more sophisticated item types such as Audio Capture, Hotspot, and File Attach.

Customisable Question Types (CQTs)

You can rapidly develop bespoke items using the CQT Framework within Surpass. Collaborate with our specialist team for quick creation of interactive question types tailored to your needs.

Clean and focused content presentation

Surpass provides a flexible approach to content presentation, including options to brand tests, control the layout of the candidate experience, and group items into sets.

Need help identifying which skills to test, and the best way to test them?

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Test Creation icon

Test Creation

Trusted by the world’s most respected awarding organisations, test publishers, institutions, and national government bodies, Surpass allows you to efficiently create and validate tests ready for secure delivery across multiple platforms.

Built on blueprint specifications

Surpass provides the tools to generate tests with the requirements found from your task analysis.

Configurable metadata

With a comprehensive range of metadata types and options for filtering and updating a large number of items, Surpass enables assembly for a data-rich item bank structure.

Creating a test question icon

Fixed, random & adaptive form testing

Whether you’re taking a traditional fixed form approach, randomising test content or want to create a truly personalised experience with adaptive testing, Surpass helps you assemble the right test with ease. 

Surpass Test Assembly screenshot

Looking to convert your existing paper-based exam for computer-based delivery?

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Test Delivery Icon

Secure Multi-Device & Paper Test Delivery

With intuitive ‘author once – deliver to many’ functionality you can deliver the same item in multiple robust and secure formats including computers, tablets, and paper. 

Surpass Test Delivery screenshot on monitor, laptop and tablet

A variety of on-screen testing capabilities

Make the most of every testing opportunity by creating items once and delivering them using a variety of methods, such as on computers, tablets, and paper.

Multiple language support

Multilingual support in Surpass allows problem-free authoring and delivery of tests for national and international assessment programmes.

Continue testing, even without a stable internet connection

With robust offline delivery options, Surpass overcomes the instabilities of internet connectivity regardless of the testing location.

Secure lock-down environment

Protect your items and block access to blacklisted third-party applications by locking down delivery with encryption and additional security features on both centre and BYOD devices.

Looking to deliver your tests remotely or through a centre?

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Test Creation icon

Adaptive and Personalised Testing

Surpass contains innovative technology to help you get the most from every item you create, ensuring the best possible ROI. Whether that’s maximising the potential of your item bank or adapting a test to each candidates ability in real-time to get the most accurate results data. 

Adaptive delivery

For when you need a holistic view of an individuals ability, not just a pass/fail, the technology behind  Surpass Computer Adaptive Testing is perfect for providing personalised performance data for all candidates, not just those in the middle range. 

LOFT delivery

Whether you’re investigating LOFT for the first time, or looking for a new system to help you get the most from your testing programme, the Surpass team are happy to help .

Optimised form generation

How do you know that every item in your question bank is being used to its full potential, while maintaining test fairness and security? Advanced linear optimisation technology built into the Surpass user interface allows you to easily analyse and create optimised test forms, at breath-taking speed, with absolute confidence. 

Discover how Surpass is pioneering Computer Adaptive Testing to improve a national testing programme.

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Test Marking icon

Marking and Feedback

Whether your organisation requires onscreen human marking or wants to automate scoring, smart marking tools in Surpass can accommodate your needs. You can also easily manage candidate results in Surpass, including the production of thorough results reports.

Automatically award marks to candidates

Surpass supports the marking of candidate responses via automatic computer-based marking or tools for the on-screen marking of open responses.

Detailed feedback and reporting

You can choose to provide a range of feedback types, either as candidate feedback or within comprehensive assessment reports.

Surpass Reporting screenshot

Discover how Surpass can help reduce results turnaround times.

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Reporting icon

Psychometric Reporting

Surpass provides you with all the psychometric data and tools you need to have the confidence that the tests you’re delivering are reliable and valid. In addition to in-product functionality, we can give you access to expert psychometricians who can help validate your processes and get the most from the data available.

Data analytics and reporting

Surpass provides a range of psychometric reports and item statistics including Classical Test Theory (CTT) and Item Response Theory (IRT) to help you ensure all tests are reliable, fair, and cost-effective.

Statistics to monitor validity

Surpass provides raw data plus a range of automated reports at the click of a button, essential for ensuring the validity of any assessment programme.

Surpass Psychometric Reporting screenshot

Let our experts help you analyse the data, to give you extra confidence in the validity of your tests.

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Integration icon

Integration & QTI

Modern API (Application Program Interface) integration is central to every professional IT solution. The extensive range of API resources in Surpass improve data synchronisation and significantly reduce the risk of human error.

Surpass Integration screenshot

Accommodate for one master system

Surpass features a range of modern integration methods, connecting assessment tools to multiple services and data sources as part of a business-wide system.

Reduce manual input with bulk migration

Many customers migrate their data to Surpass using the range of purpose-built tools and services in the system, making this task efficient and accurate.

Extract important results and item data

Surpass provides a range of data analysis tools with additional API options to connect to other third-party services.

Need to integrate even further to meet your specific requirements?

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