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What is the Surpass Community?

The Surpass Community is an international group of likeminded testing professionals, with the common goal of utilising technology to improve the assessment experience for everyone. By working together, this innovative community are helping to shape the future of assessment.

By working together on webinar panels, question and answer sessions and the annual Surpass Conference, this innovative community are helping to shape the future of testing.

Join us and influence the future of assessment.

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Surpass Conference 2022

Surpass Conference

6-7 October 2022 – Liverpool

The Surpass Conference, presented by BTL, is an annual gathering for members of the innovative Surpass Community. In 2022, we’re delighted to announce our conference will be taking place in Liverpool, from 6-7 October.

Delegates attend to learn about the latest features in the market-leading assessment platform, share their knowledge and experience, and help each other make the most of this highly respected assessment authoring and delivery platform. In addition to working with BTL to shape the roadmap of Surpass, delegates will look at the future of assessment on a global scale, and how our community can promote best practice in assessment.

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What Community members say

Opportunities to collaborate on features like the audio question type are one of the many benefits of being an engaged member of the Surpass Community. By working with other organisations who had a set of requirements which aligned with WJEC's, we’ve been able to achieve a more advanced piece of functionality for a fraction of the cost of what we would have had to invest if we were to do it on our own.

Ian MorganWJEC

Each year BTL host an excellent user conference – to my mind it stands out from most conferences in this field because of the diversity of attendees and presentations it attracts. Surpass has an extremely diverse user base, covering vocational qualification assessment, professional certification, higher education and school assessments from users based worldwide. Representatives from all these fields (and countries) come together and share experiences of designing, developing and delivering assessments using the platform, making it a great place to find examples of good practice and make contact with your peers.

Gavin Busuttil-ReynaudAlphaPlus

City & Guilds benefit from being part of the Surpass Community by being able to talk to other people going through the same type of experiences, requirements and changes in the industry.

Granville EdwardsCity & Guilds

The Surpass conference highlights the fantastic sense of community the BTL team have fostered. It was hugely beneficial and plenty of fun, too. Highly recommended.

Laura RoachCardiff University School of Biosciences

Surpass Community members

The Community is made up of awarding organisations, Surpass users, and partner organisations who together deliver millions of tests through Surpass each year.