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As your test development, publishing and technology partner, and with over 60 languages to choose from, we’ll give you the confidence and control you desire over your language assessment programme. With the best team, platform, and the collaborative benefits of the fastest growing global community in testing, you’ll be glad your language exams are powered by Surpass.

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Michigan Language Assessment

The Surpass Platform has allowed Michigan Language Assessment to deliver digital English proficiency tests at our Authorised Test Centres as well as expand into using [third party] test centres and online proctoring services.

Fernando FleurquinMichigan Language Assessment

Discover our dual-camera online invigilation solution to securely deliver tests remotely

Create easy-to-use authentic language tests in Surpass

Expanding language assessment across 24 languages.

In this case study, discover how telc Language Tests have used functionality in Surpass to:

  • Expand their exam offering to reach more regions and candidates.
  • Increase efficiency and reduce the logistical costs of delivering assessments.
  • Standardise assessments across a large and varied geographical area.
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How on-screen testing is being used in Surpass to revolutionise language assessment

In this video from the 2021 Surpass Conference, Michigan Language Assessment’s Gad Lim talks us through their experience making the change from paper-based test delivery, and how on-screen testing has opened doors to new opportunities in language assessment.

Then, Europe’s leading language learning and assessment provider, telc, explain how they are using Surpass to deliver on-screen language assessments in all 24 EU languages.

Innovation in language assessment

Michigan Language Assessment won the inaugural Surpass Innovation Award for their innovative Met Go! Digital test in 2022.

Watch the video to see how this innovative on-screen test succeeded.

Transforming English Language assessment using technology.

Discover how discover how telc Language Tests have used functionality in Surpass to transform and enhance a traditionally paper assessment for on-screen delivery, and create real-world authentic tests.

Multiple Language Support

Choose from over 60 languages for test delivery.

Secure Multi-Device & Paper Test Delivery

Author just once for online or offline delivery on desktop, laptop, tablet, BYOD or paper.

Item Banking & Authoring

From versatile item types to time-saving SME management tools, Surpass has everything you need to be in control of your items.

Test Development Services

Use our team of experts as much as you need to confidently build tests that are valid, fair, reliable and defensible. 

Online Invigilation & Test Centre Network

Deliver secure exams remotely or expand your candidate reach with our global Test Centre Network.

Interactive Item Types

Build rich, engaging and easy to use questions for reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Marking & Feedback

Mark automatically and provide immediate feedback, or use on-screen marking with comprehensive results reports.

A Community of Experts

Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do in the Surpass Community. 

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The Surpass Platform has allowed Michigan Language Assessment to deliver digital English proficiency tests at our Authorized Test Centers as well as expand into using Prometric’s test centers and online proctoring services.

Fernando Fleurquin, Director of Marketing, Communications, and Stakeholder RelationsMichigan Language Assessment

It [Surpass] really has given us a wonderful opportunity to be more creative, to look at new ways of testing, and to look at new ways of achieving our goals... making it more interesting for students and making it much more engaging.

telc Language Tests

WJEC have pushed the boundaries of onscreen summative assessment, creating some engaging and innovative question content which has been delivered in high stakes summative assessments.


We chose to work with Surpass as it had a great reputation with our Centers and they provide a lot of flexibility in the way exams can be set up and delivered, allowing us to offer a broad range of assessment options. We’ve particularly found their online help and support really useful, which includes on-screen prompts which are very easy to navigate.

ABC Awards (Part of Skills & Education Group)

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Transforming healthcare assessment with Surpass and the next-generation Assessment Centre

This case study explores how PAEA selected Surpass Assessment to deliver assessments for their physician assistant candidates with a new Assessment Centre designed to enhance the exam experience for students and faculty.

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