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Powering assessment for Law students

World leaders in digital assessment for law students.

Surpass supports law schools worldwide to prepare the next generation of lawyers.  As your test development, publishing and technology partner, we’ll give you confidence and control over your professional legal assessment programme.

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We provide assessment solutions for law schools and other industries across the world.

“For the NextGen exam, we didn’t just need the right technology – we needed a partner who would work closely with us to understand the needs of our stakeholders and deliver the right solution for everyone involved. We look forward to launching the NextGen bar exam with the support of Surpass and furthering our vision of building a competent, ethical, and diverse legal profession.”

Judith Gundersen, President and CEO, NCBE

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You’re in control of your Item Bank

With our advanced item banking capabilities, security and reliability, you can securely create and manage your legal certification programme with ease.

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Helping to prepare the next generation of lawyers

The reliable, secure Surpass Platform allows educators to deliver high-quality assessments while meeting ABA accreditation standards. Exportable assessment data allows law schools to assess student and programme success.

Surpass also offers intuitive reporting to help law educators see student progress and knowledge holistically, in one platform:

  • Tag exam questions with categories such as learning outcomes and accreditation objectives
  • Analyze individual and cohort level student performance
  • Provide test-takers with instant feedback on their performance across different competency areas

Delivering bar exams across the US

The National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE) have chosen Surpass Assessment to deliver the NextGen bar exam, launching in 2026.

This exam will test the knowledge, skills and abilities required for competent entry-level legal practice in a changing profession – and will benefit from the security and reliability in the Surpass Platform.

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Secure delivery for law schools

The Surpass end-to-end digital assessment platform can help realize US law schools’ goals: to meet ABA accreditation standards and improve student outcomes.

With an excellent track record for administering high-stakes exams with the best platform security and stability, the intuitive Surpass Platform operates offline without connectivity worries.

  • Security:  Locked-down delivery with encryption and additional security features, providing secure and controlled tests
  • Grading: Online grader management and grading support
  • Auditing: Records of all candidate files and extensive logging data for easy auditing

Improved security and reliability

The award-winning Surpass Platform significantly improves security and reliability during exams, delivering offline to remove connectivity issues.

• Ensure integrity with security features to lock down candidates’ devices
• Prevent access to other applications
• Secure multi-device delivery options – including tablet app to access secure browser on iPads as well as PCs
• Test securely within law schools, or from home via innovative remote proctoring, to expand candidate reach
• Improved candidate experience with an intuitive, user-friendly design

Surpass test driver showing an essay and multiple choice question on a monitor, laptop and tablet

Watch more on how Surpass is used to deliver legal assessments

Transforming law exams

Hear the Bar Standards Board and the National Conference of Bar Examiners discuss how they are transforming their law exams with Surpass.

How the Bar Standards Board use the Surpass candidate booking solution

Discover how the Bar Standards Board (BSB) used Surpass to save time and improve their candidates’ exam booking experience.

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