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Come and chat to the BTL Surpass team at Booth 309 on Monday March 21 at 5.30pm and choose from a selection of premium craft ales served by our very own bartender!

Meet the Surpass team at these sessions!

Why Compromise When You Can Customize? (Customizable Question Types)

21 March| 12:20pm

For so many organizations, reaching beyond the MCQ to deliver any form of engaging simulation is prohibitively costly and requires knowledge of additional software.

In this session, a member of the Surpass team will show evidence alongside testing organizations of a new ‘Customizable Question’ framework, built directly into an established item banking platform, allowing organizations to fully customize their own bespoke graphing and charting items.


Emma Hall
Emma Hall
Head of Business Development (Surpass)

Peas in a Pod session: Measuring and Optimizing Learner Feedback in Formative Assessment

22 March | 10am

In the wake of COVID-19, governments and national testing providers have had cause to evaluate their educational infrastructure and provide widespread onscreen testing services.

This discussion will allow attendees to explore the different types of feedback that can be provided to educators and learners in onscreen formative assessment in order improve learner confidence, self-awareness and knowledge. We will explore how feedback should be presented differently to different stakeholders and demographics in order to optimise its effectiveness, and attendees will be encouraged to share their own experiences in Assessment for Learning, and the reasons they opted for the use of specific types of feedback. We will then discuss the means of measuring the effectiveness of feedback from the perspective of the Test Publisher, and how it can be continuously optimized to improve learner outcomes.

The session facilitators will lead with examples from CAT programs that have been established over the last 2 years, and another long-running program. These assessments have automatically adjusted item difficulty to match the individual taking the test, providing an appropriate level of challenge for each test taker. The tests aim to greatly reduce the prevalence and impact of floor and ceiling effects and support reuse to measure progress.

To help drive forward the conversation, delegates will also hear how tests are developed with usability in mind, including delivery in a country where dual language options are a legal requirement (allowing learners to switch between languages during the test). We will also demonstrate how in-test feedback has been implemented to provide a truly formative experience without compromising the ability measured by the testing algorithm.


Jim Crawford
Jim Crawford
Business Development Director (Surpass)

Meet the Surpass team at ATP

The Surpass representatives attending ATP are selected from a number of departments to make sure whatever your interest, there is someone there ready to help.

Find us at Booth 309 – with a combined 100+ years of technical knowledge, testing industry experience, project management and various other skills for you to tap into, we have all your needs covered.

Andy McAnulla

Andy McAnulla

CTO | President (BTL Surpass Inc.)

Talk to me about: Strategic Partnerships | Assessment Systems Strategy

Emma Hall

Emma Hall

Head of Business Development

Talk to me about: Product Features | Assessment Technology

Shannon Starrs

Shannon Starrs

Senior Account Manager

Talk to me about: Implementation | Surpass Services

John Dight

John Dight

VP Business Development (BTL Surpass Inc.)

Talk to me about: Product Features | Surpass Requirements

Barry Porter

Barry Porter

VP, Account Management (BTL Surpass Inc.)

Talk to me about: Surpass Services | Strategic Partnerships | Assessment Systems Strategy

Watch previous sessions

The Surpass team spoke to these partners at the ATP Conference 2021 – watch their presentations from the Surpass Conference below.

Changing mode and model: The details and decision points in going digital

An authoritative language qualification can be a passport to new global opportunities, and a lifeline to those looking to escape less fortunate areas – it’s no surprise they are considered high stakes. Because of this, high stakes language testing is a very competitive area in the assessment industry.

One point of differentiation is in paper-based and computer-based testing, which have different affordances and limitations, which has a significant impact on what the test and testing experience is like. Moving from one to the other provides testing organizations the opportunity to change not just the delivery mode but also the business model.

In this presentation, a prominent language test provider discusses the process of turning their four skill exams (reading, writing, speaking, and listening) from fixed-date paper tests to available-anytime digital offerings, which also required a change from linear to linear-on-the-fly testing. This required modifications to the design and display of the tests, to the way they are put together and quality assured, and also to the administration and scoring thereof.  Key decision points are highlighted, with a focus on the small, practical details of putting together tests that do not tend to be discussed in more academic presentations.

From paper tests to prototyping – Developing a new framework to create complex items and simulations without the pain

Developing and maintaining real-world ‘tools’, in place of, or in addition to, multiple choice questions is reliant on costly and difficult to maintain performance-based simulations. This can also make authoring of these simulations complex, typically sitting outside of the standard item banking tools available to SMEs.

In this presentation, hear how one organisation established three particular criteria that were essential in choosing a software provider:

  • Ability to create interactive graphing and charting items
  • Ability to curate test forms using reliability statistics
  • Ability to take an on-screen test in an entirely offline environment

We look at how the partnership created an Advanced Question Type and Simulation framework as part of its standard item banking capabilities. This framework allows any test development team to build new simulations that plug directly into the supplier’s authoring technology, giving Psychometricians, Test Developers and SMEs the ability to author complex simulations, that sit independently from, or form part of, an MCQ question, in a scalable and intuitive way within the standard test development workflow.

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