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Surpass pre-release webinar for 24.1

See Ashleigh Whittle and her team demonstrate and discuss new features and updates coming to the Surpass Platform in the 24.1 release.

Note: Surpass releases are changing format
From now on, each release will use the following numbering convention: [Year].[Release Number].

Key features

Item Authoring

  • Limit item types in the ‘Create New Items’ Authoring task, including templates of items, to improve consistency and save your item authors’ time.
  • If you have item language variants functionality enabled, you can now add any missing language variants to items being updated using Bulk Update’s item content update type. 
  • You can also now update item sets when bulk updating unit conversions, comments, item owners, and tags.


  • Surpass Copilot, our new AI feature, is now an option you can request to help your item authors create distractors for Multiple Choice Question items. Find out how to enable this, saving you valuable test creation time.

If you have any questions regarding these features in the 24.1 release, please contact:

Want to know more?

If you have any questions about the features mentioned in this webinar, or any other features within Surpass, please get in touch with your account manager. If you are not yet a member of the Surpass Community, please contact us.

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