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Surpass pre-release webinar for 12.32

By 14 February 2023March 3rd, 2023Pre-Release Webinar

Paul Burns from the Surpass team and host Rosie Sweeney explained the new features and updates in the 12.32 release on 14 February, alongside usability improvements for Surpass users.

Watch the recording here, and read on for an overview of the key features that were discussed.

Key features

Item Authoring

  • An exciting new Protractor tool can be added to items and delivered in tests, so candidates can measure on-screen elements and provide their response based on the measurements.
  • Enemy items can now be inherited when managing enemy relationships, so these connections can be made without needing to leave the item and go elsewhere.

Test Administration

Shorthand markup (symbols) and comment annotations can be added to any responses in Test Administration.


  • Shorthand markup (symbols) can be added to all responses in SecureMarker.
  • Content can be highlighted and comments can be added to responses.

Usability enhancements

A more efficient flow in the item review process enables a better user experience for your SMEs when first logging into Surpass.


Can I use more than one ‘tool’ per question?

Yes, multiple tools can be used on a single item.

Does the Protractor work on an iPad or Android tablet?

This feature is available for desktop delivery, but currently not for Tablet delivery.

Can sorting be based on the content code?

You can change the search criteria using the filters at the top to operate as a new search parameter, or add Boolean (AND/OR) to the search string.  This allows you to use various search criteria to customise your search, however content code is not available at this time.

Can I move items up and down on the search page based on how I want to see them?

At this time, individual items can not be moved up and down on the search page, however you can customise the columns you want to see/want to hide and sort them by that column.  Alternatively, you could give the item a name or number so they can be ordered in a particular way, or if you give certain items a particular tag value or have them in a particular tag collection then you can filter via this too. 

Want to know more?

If you have any questions about the features mentioned in this webinar, or any other features within Surpass, please get in touch with your account manager. If you are not yet a member of the Surpass Community, please contact us.

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