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Surpass release webinar for 12.27

By 19 October 2021October 20th, 2021Pre-Release Webinar

Trainers from Surpass recently hosted the latest Surpass webinar, on Tuesday 19 October.

Kat and Ashleigh explained the new and improved features in the 12.27 release, including updates to Item Authoring and the Test Wizard.

The session ended with the panel answering some questions from the Community.

Watch the recording here, and read on for an overview of the key features that were discussed.

Key features discussed

1m 46: A new Fraction Entry question type can be created in HTML subjects in Item Authoring. This means candidates can complete empty or partially filled fractions.

6m 12: Tags have been moved from step 5 of items into a new side panel in Item Authoring, for easier access while editing items. Andrew from the Design team was interviewed, and likened this feature to having a recipe open next to you while cooking.

13m: In Tasks, you can now specify an item number to go to, with the ‘Go to Item x’ box. This allows users to navigate between items quickly.

QUESTION: The box where tags used to be is still titled ‘edit item settings and tags’.

ANSWER: Items settings and tag collections are still in Step 5. This may change in future releases, along with titles.

15m 39: More settings are now included in Test Wizard. Users can create multiple test forms per test and choose a test type to apply a template of settings. Tests made in the Wizard are now more customisable, for example you can configure test feedback, SecureClient and Invigilation settings. You can now create dynamic test forms for HTML tests. These changes make the functionality available more similar to Test Creation.

20m 06: All feedback summary settings have now been converted to HTML in Test Driver. Part of the ‘Flash to HTML’ project, this means candidates can view feedback by Learning Outcome and view item feedback.

25m 20: Questions

QUESTION: The tags feature – does it show media?

ANSWER: Yes, you can also preview source material, in the side panel. Tags and source material are two separate features, you can’t add media within tags.

QUESTION: What layouts are available when printing test feedback?

ANSWER: These are similar to those in the Test Driver, with blocks for each question.

Want to know more?

If you have any questions about the features mentioned in this webinar, or any other features within Surpass, please get in touch with your account manager. If you are not yet a member of the Surpass Community, please contact us.

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