Innovate Awarding adapts quickly thanks to technology-based testing

Surpass Community member, Innovate Awarding, has demonstrated how having the right technology in place gives greater flexibility to adapt in challenging times

Saltaire, West Yorkshire, UK, 22nd April 2021 – Surpass Community member, Innovate Awarding, has demonstrated how early adoption of computer-based assessments has been pivotal to continuing examinations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Having recently renewed their contract with Surpass, Innovate Awarding had already established computer-based testing for many of their qualifications. With the technology in place, Innovate Awarding was able to quickly and easily transition to a remote delivery model during test centre closures, with training providers monitoring candidates via video conferencing tools. The flexibility that technology such as Surpass affords over exam delivery made the transition to remote testing as simple as possible.

As well as embracing technological changes and the impact that has on the learning experience, Innovate Awarding also takes a proactive approach to understanding the full assessment experience from a candidate perspective. Innovate Awarding and BTL, creators of Surpass, are about to embark on a research project which will see the organisations work together to gain a deeper understanding of the end-to-end candidate experience.

Working with the Surpass User Experience Research team, Innovate Awarding will develop and administer regular surveys to candidates to gather feedback on all aspects of the assessment process, from pre-exam preparedness, to the exam day and post-exam experiences.

It is hoped that by closely aligning on this ongoing research, findings will give both BTL and Innovate Awarding a valuable insight into the context in which learners are sitting their exams, as well as identifying any areas for improvement.

“Having seen an increase in remote assessment delivery over the past 12 months, it provides a real opportunity to rethink how assessment in delivered in the future and work to fully understand how the use of technology can improve the experience for Employers, Apprentices and Providers.”

Charlotte Bosworth – Managing Director of Innovate Awarding

‘We’ve seen Surpass Community members adapt to current challenges in all kinds of different ways over the last year, and Innovate Awarding is a fantastic example of how technology such as Surpass can offer the flexibility needed to adapt quickly. I’m also delighted that we are able to further collaborate with Innovate Awarding on this important research into the candidate experience, which is perfectly aligned with our mission to improve the assessment experience for everyone. The findings are sure to be of great benefit to both BTL and Innovate Awarding and opens the door for more projects like this with the community.’

Sonya Whitworth – Managing Director of BTL, Creators of Surpass

About Innovate Awarding

Innovate Awarding is an Ofqual regulated awarding organisation with an innovative and dynamic approach.

Innovate Awarding specialises in apprenticeship component qualifications and other vocational qualifications. The organisation’s strategy includes embracing the technological changes in the way society works and the impact this should have on the learning experience.  Innovate Awarding work with training providers and their learners to harness these powerful tools and revolutionise the way in which regulated qualifications are delivered and assessed.

About BTL & Surpass

Established in 1985, BTL Group Ltd. has grown into a renowned global provider of assessment technology and services trusted by some of the world’s highest profile providers of high-stakes summative assessments. Since 2007, BTL’s core focus has been the development of its award-winning assessment platform, Surpass. Surpass is considered to be one of the best solutions available and has been used internationally to create, deliver and mark over 30 million computer-based tests to date. BTL’s success has been due to its innovative approach to technological development, its passion for significantly improving assessment for everyone, its creative core, and its refreshing approach to collaboration with partners and Surpass Community members.