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Surpass Community Podcast – April 2020 The Increasing Importance of Technology in Test Development

By 3 April 2020March 21st, 2024Archive

In this podcast, Tim Burnett is joined by Amanda Dainis, CEO and Lead Psychometrician at Dainis and Company, and Andy McAnulla, President of BTL Surpass, to discuss the increasing role technology has to play in test development.

First, the panel discuss what we mean by test development, and the important role of the psychometrician in that process for developing valid and legally defensible tests according to best practice.
They then go on to talk about how by using Surpass which has been developed based on the needs and feedback of real users, it can help make the test development cycle more efficient and more cost-effective for the client.
Amanda then talks through the item writing process, and how an intuitive interface like that found in Surpass allows experts hit the ground running, before Andy gives an insight into how Surpass has been developed to keep item writing and review as simple as possible, so subject matter experts can focus on the task at hand without distraction.

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