ATP Global Conference Session Preview: JAWS doesn’t bite! Experience test delivery with assistive technologies

Global ATP Conference Session Preview

There’s just 2 weeks to go until the Global ATP Conference, and we’ve already given you a preview of our sessions on ‘Assessing the Delivery Divide’ and ‘Remote means more than delivery’.

We’ll also be presenting on assistive technologies, which will be available on-demand throughout the conference from 14-18 September. Read more about this presentation below.

ePoster Session

JAWS doesn’t bite! Experience test delivery with assistive technologies

Balancing innovation, comparability, and accessibility can seem like a huge undertaking for any test creator, even in 2020. We all want to move beyond a purely “box-ticking” exercise and make inclusivity core to all test development processes. However, with the right software and mindset, accommodating screen readers and the test takers that use them is a huge step forward for many test creators on the journey to making their exams truly accessible.

In this interactive ePoster session, the team will discuss the importance of accessibility in assessment design and give you the opportunity to experience the JAWS screen reader working within the Surpass test driver.

You’ll leave the session with a stronger insight into the experience of candidates with accessibility needs and with a few simple steps you can make to improve the assessment experience for everyone.

You can read more about this session, and the rest of the conference programme, on the ATP Global Conference website.

Want to hear more about accessibility and inclusive design for exam creation? Join us for a Surpass Community webinar on Thursday 3rd September.