Interviews from the 2019 Association for Learning Technology Conference in Edinburgh

By 2 December 2019January 27th, 2020Podcast

At the 2019 Association for Learning Technology Conference in Edinburgh, Kat Owens from BTL’s design team managed to speak to some of the delegates and organisers to get their reflections on the event.
In this podcast, Kat and Tim Burnett play and discuss each of these interviews, including thoughts from:

  • Matt Wingfield, Chair of the e-Assessment Association, gives his thoughts on the conference keynote speech and how technology should be used to enhance teaching and learning but not to replace important human connections.
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  • Martha Gibson, Assessment Manager and Content Developer at Edinburgh Business School and Surpass Community member, tells Kat how she and her team get the most out of conferences like this, applying the big ideas from the keynote presentation to the rest of the event, and how they take a practical approach to their own presentations.
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  • Laura Roach from the School of Bio Sciences at Cardiff University and also a Surpass Community member talks about her presentation on the process of selecting an e-assessment platform, and how she hopes her lessons learnt will provide a starting point for others going through the same process. Laura also gives her vision on the future of e-assessment.
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  • Finally, we hear from Maren Deepwell, CEO of ALT talk through her highlights of the 26th annual conference, the importance of bringing the community together in person to not only share successes but challenges as well, and some of the key themes that came out of the event.
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