Accessibility in Surpass – June 2019 Update

By 14 June 2019 February 4th, 2020 Case Study, Surpass Updates

For Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2019, the team at BTL took an opportunity to demonstrate their work over the past year and show colleagues exactly how a person with additional requirements might use a screen reader (e.g. JAWs), or voice recognition software (e.g. Dragon), to assist them during the exam process.

We receive a lot of interest from within the Surpass Community about how they can make the exam experience more accessible for their candidates, so Isabel and Ben filmed a short discussion and demonstration of some of those features, to give the audience outside of BTL an idea of just how easy it is to make their tests accessible using the tools available in Surpass. They also took this opportunity to re-iterate that the accessibility team is here for any member of the Surpass Community to seek advice and join us in our mission:

“To significantly improve the assessment experience for everybody”