BTL to sponsor the eAA’s one-day seminar on e-Assessment in Mathematics

By 25 June 2009January 21st, 2020Other

BTL Group Ltd is proud to support the e-Assessment Association’s (eAA) one-day seminar on ‘e Assessment in Mathematics for Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Educators’.

The seminar aims to highlight the benefits of e-Assessment in Mathematics at all levels of education. The seminar will be led by a well-known exponent of e-Assessment who will gather informed views through discussion, under the guidance of experienced facilitators.
The event will provide delegates with:

  • A presentation detailing an adaptive approach to Primary/Secondary Mathematics with the emphasis on feedback to pupils and teachers alike;
  • A description, through question design, of the inclusion of multi-media in constructed response e-Assessment questions featuring topics in Secondary and Tertiary Mathematics;
  • An explanation of The ingredients for the successful deployment of e-Assessment in first and second year undergraduate Mathematics;
  • Discussions on how a computer algebra system can enhance e-Assessment by delivering questions to test higher order skills in Honours Mathematics; and
  • The opportunity to form an e-Assessment Association special interest group in Wales.

There will be plenty of opportunities to network, talk to leading UK experts in e-Assessment of Mathematics and a chance to see a demonstration by BTL of their e-Assessment systems. Teachers of Science and Mathematics at all levels will find this meeting particularly stimulating and it will provide them with ideas on how to improve education in the classroom or lecture hall.

A downloadable pdf, is available on request.