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Create unique items and functionality with the CQT framework in Surpass

What you need, when you need it

CQTs are Customizable Question Types – a special type of question that can be developed and used in the Surpass suite of applications via the CQT Framework.

The CQT Framework was purposefully built from ground up – it is unique to Surpass in the assessment software market. The Framework allows for rapid development of item types with every functional requirement tailormade to your needs. Because these item types are built in a separate framework, they can be deployed as soon as they are ready, with no need to wait for the next official Surpass Platform deployment.

Set-up options for the Pie Chart item

Our in-house specialist team can work directly with you to create bespoke interactive question types in a fast turnaround time, or larger organizations with their own technical teams can develop CQTs in house.

“The Surpass Platform will enable us to develop very sophisticated custom item types that will allow us to transition our exams from paper to on-screen and reach all schools across the Caribbean.”

James Young, Item Bank Manager, Caribbean Examinations Council

Why choose CQTs?

  • Every CQT is a blank canvas giving you the flexibility to create anything that can be made inside a web browser. You are not tied to the restrictions of usual templated designs, and items can be part-filled for candidates to complete specific tasks.
  • Shorter development cycle and direct client-developer contact mean you’ll soon have the tests you desire in front of candidates! Work with our in-house specialist team using the latest web technologies, and you’ll benefit from a quick turnaround not tied to the usual Assessment Platform release schedules.
  • Full technical support is also offered by the in-house team, for a fantastic item creation experience.
  • Make your transition from paper to on-screen more seamless due to the flexibility in the CQT Framework.

Surpass already have a library of ready-made and ready-for-use CQT items such as:

  • Line and Scatter Graph
  • Pie Chart
  • Bar Chart
  • Spreadsheet
  • Diagram Creator

The Shapes tool in Diagram Creator

What types of CQTs can I create?

Bespoke interactive question types currently available include line and scatter graphs, spreadsheet, bar charts, hot text, pie charts and the graph selector.

In addition, the new Diagram Creator CQT presents candidates with a blank canvas they can add diagrams to, including, lines, arrows, shapes, flowcharts, text, and more. The Diagram Creator dialog includes the following tools:

    • Hand
    • Pencil
    • Line
    • Text
    • Shapes
    • Flowchart

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