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Discover our dual-camera online proctoring solution to securely deliver tests remotely

Delivering healthcare assessments in challenging times

Discover how Royal College of Ophthalmologists (RCOphth) implemented their Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCE) practical tests during the pandemic, in our case study video.

Watch the full video here, on delivering assessments in challenging times

Premier assessment solutions
for professional healthcare testing

Get an overview of Surpass assessment technology and services

You’re in control of your Item Bank

With our advanced item banking capabilities, you can securely create and manage your healthcare certification program with ease.

Healthcare medical assessment test with x-ray high fidelity image question

Create engaging real-world healthcare assessments with innovative question types.

Give your test takers an authentic experience with technology-enhanced questions to create engaging real-world performance-based assessments. Choose from a range of standard and advanced questions types to test all-round skill, with various rich media and source material options, including an inbuilt PDF viewer and our award-winning high fidelity image viewer.

After the exam is finished, automatic feedback for candidates can be shared with a variety of options.

Secure, efficient, and remote item production.

Enable proactive item creation and review with innovative workload management tools, perfect for managing large teams or multiple programs remotely. Monitor progress, set deadlines, and even provide templates to work to, so you have the confidence that your team have everything they need to complete the task at hand and get your healthcare certification program underway.

Get the cut score right with in-built functionality.

Accurately calculating the cut score is essential for keeping your healthcare certification fair, valid, and identifying candidates who are competent in their field. With our in-built functionality, you can securely present exam content for ratings to be applied and revised, for the efficient calculation of cut-scores, all in one place.

"When we saw Surpass we were really excited about it! It was a fully web-based solution. It didn’t require that users install anything on their machines, so that made it much easier to use and all the features were designed to be intuitive. Without any formal training, an item author could go in and start using Surpass to create items. That was really a key reason why we selected it."

NBME (National Board of Medical Examiners)

Choose a delivery method that suits you

Medical Doctor Using Tablet

Test your learners wherever they are, in person or remotely.

For ultimate flexibility over the delivery of your healthcare certification program, give learners the option to take their test in a center, or using our secure online proctoring solution from the home or workplace. Surpass also features over 55 delivery language options, including numerous non-Latin written languages, meaning there are no barriers to expanding your testing program globally.

Deliver tests securely with Surpass, or use a third-party test driver.

The secure and resilient Surpass Test Driver can be installed on any device, allowing your learners to take their test anywhere in the world, even in areas with poor internet connectivity. Got a preferred third-party test driver? No problem. Surpass tests are delivery agnostic, so you can build the right test, first time with our innovative technology, and export for delivery via a vendor of your choice.

Healthcare medical assessment delivered on monitor, laptop and tablet
Students taking exams on computers

Deliver with confidence in our secure Test Center Network.

Our Test Center Network is made up of hundreds of audited, Surpass-ready centers worldwide, with the ability to source more locations should you need them. As the Surpass Test Driver can conveniently be installed on any computer, we utilize both independent and vendor-grouped centers to provide you with the highest-quality venues, with flexible capacity to suit you and your learners.

Trusted by Awarding and Certification providers across the world

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"A key factor in our selection of Surpass was how clean and simple the authoring environment is. Our Clinicians, who produce our question items, do not have time to learn a complex IT process, but we knew we could just give them access to the tool and they would have no problems creating questions."

RCPCH (Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health)

Hear from the Surpass Community
on Healthcare Certification

The Surpass Community is an international group of assessment experts with the common goal of using technology to improve the assessment experience for everyone.

How healthcare organizations use Surpass

Featuring speakers from the American Academy of Neurology, hear first-hand how prestigious healthcare organizations use Surpass to create secure exams for their candidates that replicate the real-life experiences that many doctors, nurses and other medical professionals will face in their careers.

How RCPCH are working with Surpass to provide a better assessment for their students

The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health is responsible for training and examining paediatricians internationally. In 2012 they began working with Surpass to transfer their existing paper-based examination process into an entirely computer-based one. Learn more about how RCPCH are providing a better assessment for their students in this video.

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