2023 Conference on Test Security (COTS)

By 19 October 2023Upcoming Event

October 19-21 2023

Location: Arizona, US

Join experts from all types of organizations as they discuss the test security capabilities and enhancements that protect the validity of test results and brand integrity. 

Surpass Assessment will be presenting in three sessions at the conference:

  • AI & test security: Key considerations in leveraging AI tools in developing and delivering tests – Isabelle Gonthier, Marc Weinstein, David Yunger and Paul Muir
  • The Future of Test Security – Where will we be in 5 years? – Rachel Schoenig and Paul Muir
  • Prevent, Deter, Detect, React – Best Practices for Pre, During and Post-exam security processes – Benjamin Hunter and Paul Muir.

Learn more on their conference website