The e-Assessment Question 2020

By 23 June 2020 Upcoming Event

Events scheduled 23rd – 09th July 2020

Location: Online – Virtual Conference

Following its postponement due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, The e-Assessment Question team are delighted to announce our new plans for the e-Assessment Question Virtual Conference.

Events will take place every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 23rd June. For more details about the programme please visit

Engage. Learn. Be Inspired. Brought to you by the e-Assessment Association (eAA).

The Future of Assessment is already here. And it has technology at its heart. E-Assessment is no longer a fledgling industry but one that is starting to take centre stage. We have all seen organisations and institutions make dramatic changes and transform assessment, and we have seen this reach from preschool / early years right through to professional development in the modern workplace.

The e-Assessment Association has taken over the reins of this established and popular conference and we are looking forward to bringing you new stories, cutting edge innovations and the best case studies worldwide, from which we can all learn.

The question is no longer, ‘e-Assessment?’ but, how can we work together, influence policy, build awareness and harness technology with the maximum impact? Working together, collaborating, discussing, sharing and yes, even questioning our stories, is how we will continue to build a diverse and sustainable industry.

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